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The latest Dot-to-Dot book has arrived… and it’s the most artistic yet!

The latest in graphic-arts genius Thomas Pavitte’s 1000 Dot-to-Dot series really makes the most of Thomas’ uniquely artistic puzzles. With Masterpieces you’ll find yourself recreating some of the world’s greatest art works, from Van Gogh’s Sunflower’s to Klimt’s The Kiss. It’s practically an art history course in […]

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The extraordinarily long life of Hayley Campbell’s The Art of Neil Gaiman

When you’re editing illustrated books, the production lives of the books that you work on can vary dramatically. Some books fly by seemingly in the blink of an eye: the author starts work, they deliver the material, it gets checked/edited/designed/proofread etc. and the book […]

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“Marvel at John Lewis”. Another Q&A with web design guru Alannah Moore…

As previously noted around these parts, we like Alannah Moore a lot. We like all of our authors a lot, of course, for different reasons: and what makes Alannah special is that she has an amazing knack for taking the most unglamorous, unpromising subject […]

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Forthcoming events: The Art of Neil Gaiman

Novelist, comics writer, scriptwriter, poet, occasional artist ­– a master of several genres and inadvertent leader of many cults – there are few creative avenues Neil Gaiman hasn’t ventured down, and on 14th July 2014 Ilex will be bringing you The Art of Neil Gaiman, the […]

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Foreign eds in house… and out again

Another great pile foreign editions arrived on my desk this week and have duly gone out to their authors. It’s always interesting when books come in – fun to see what other publishers have gone with for their covers, sometimes having to work out […]

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