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New books arrived at last!

Just a quick one to say that new photography books, Shooting Yourself and Surreal Photography have finally landed in the UK! If you pop over to Amazon you’ll notice (if like me you’re totally obsessive about these things) that the purchase function has switched from ‘pre-order’ to […]

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Blogging for Photographers: review and excerpt in Professional Photographer mag

Photographers who blog (photoblographers? Photo-bloggers? Insert preferred name here!) can get an exclusive peek at Jolie O’Dell’s new must-have guide, Blogging for Photographers: Showcase your Creativity and Build your Audience, over at Professional Photographer Magazine. The excerpt featured deals with two of the commonest bugbears […]

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Lara Jade’s top tips for fashion photographers

I’ll bet it’s every aspiring fashion photographer’s dream to get a one-to-one tutorial with Lara Jade. With shoots for Elle, Material Girl, and Schwarzkopf under her belt – not to mention winning Best Fashion/Editorial in this year’s [FRAMED] awards – unsurprisingly, there’s not a […]

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A blog (and an offer) for bloggers

If you haven’t heard the news, Jolie O’Dell’s Blogging for Photographers is now available to buy, and it’s already receiving great reviews such as this one from Digital SLR Photography magazine: You can of course buy the book from good bookshops or from Amazon, […]

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Ilex Live catch-up now available!

If you missed Wednesday’s broadcast on Ilex Live, don’t despair! The recorded (and somewhat, ahem, cleaner) version is now available to watch. - SEE authors, photographers and entrepreneurs, Haje Jan Kamps and Daniela Bowker, who arrived at Ilex HQ with uncannily matching red outfits (actually, […]

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Fan tributes, we love

The other day whilst browsing the internet, as I spend most of my day doing*, I came across this saucy and rather brilliant tribute to Ryan Armbrust’s fabulous pin-up photography book, Shoot Sexy: Isn’t it great! The only other tribute I know of for […]

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Live this afternoon with Haje Jan Kamps & Daniela Bowker

At 4:30 (GMT) this afternoon we have top photographers and authors, Daniela Bowker and Haje Jan Kamps, live in conversation here at Ilex HQ. Formerly two of the most prominent bloggers on, the pair jumped ship right before the site went down to […]

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The affordable beauty of pinhole photography

Hitting the UK’s streets this week is the new edition of Justin Quinnell’s (incredibly affordable) introduction to the amazing art of pinhole photography. I don’t know how familiar you are with this as a technique, but it’s pretty incredible – you can, with a […]

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What’s new on Ilex Instant

The great thing about our digital project, Ilex Instant – in fact really the point of it – is that ­we can get things done a whole lot quicker than in traditional print publishing. This means that we’re able to respond far quicker to […]

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Freedom! Break the Rules! And some things about Haje Jan Kamps…

As regular readers will know, we’re all about freedom here at Ilex Acres. That’s why we sell our own e-editions DRM free, and that’s why one of our favourite authors is Haje Jan Kamps, author of the wonderful The Rules of Photography (And When […]

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Digital Image Editing hits the shelves

In the digital age of photography, the instant of capture is just the beginning for the photographer’s art. Cartier-Bresson might be appalled, but for those willing to embrace it, the advancement of image-editing software along with the ability to shoot in Raw means that […]

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Get an Instant fashion fix

If there’s one thing I know about fashion, it’s that when you want it, you want it now. So we’ve made two of our loveliest books on the subject available on Ilex Instant – the place to go for digital downloads of top-quality photography […]

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