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Find your inspiration & define your style

This week saw the launch of one the most exciting photography books of the season. One of the most creative photographers working today, Brooke Shaden’s work first appeared for Ilex in the Artist Showcase of Natalie Dybisz AKA Miss Aniela’s Creative Portrait Photography. Now […]

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Inspiration on board…

If you spotted my last post about Lawrence Harvey’s Retromania being back in stock, you may have realized that when something comes back in stock a ship is usually involved. And where ships are involved, in publishing that usually means something else as well. […]

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Retromania back in stock!

If you’re one of the hundreds of people awaiting your copy of Lawrence Harvey’s Retromania, I bring you good news: It’s finally back in stock! Full of great imagery, not only of the cameras themselves but of the often equally fabulous packaging or instructions, […]

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New releases In The Press

In the business of making books there are two especially nice moments. One is the moment you see the book as a finished object for the first time, and the other is when that book that you’ve bled, wept, and sweated over for months […]

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September offer on Ilex Instant

After this I promise I’m going to stop banging on about how it’s autumn, which I know is inevitably going to make some people sad even though personally I love this time of year – but since it is in fact now September, it’s […]

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Landscape Photography for autumn (and every other season)

As August runs out and September begins this weekend, I’m afraid there’s no disputing that Autumn is a-coming. Don’t be sad about it though! For starters, it’s still as hot and sunny as it has been for much of the summer. For photographers, the […]

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Models turned actors & photographers turned filmmakers

We’re feeling rather proud of one of our newest authors, Franki Falkow, who has taken time out of writing her book to do some acting. The resulting short film, Twenty-Two Date Palm Way has been selected by the LA Indie Film Festival and will […]

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A Q&A with the author of newly released Landscape Photography: The Four Seasons

Landscape photography is a perennial favourite of photographers across the globe, but as the seasons pass the landscape around us is constantly changing. No wonder, then, that one of our most popular old titles was Landscape Photography: The Four Seasons – and the great news is […]

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Taking ‘The Rules of Photography’ on holiday

I have a confession to make, I work for two publishing companies. The brilliant photography publisher Ilex and the super stylish Ivy Press. I’m what’s known as a “shared resource” around these parts and as such this blog is going to appear in two […]

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Selfies taking over

Yesterday the Guardian newspaper reported on the growing phenomenon of the ‘selfie’ – that is, a self portrait usually taken on your smartphone from arm’s length – the kind made popular back in the day by Myspace (resulting in the term ‘Myspace shot’ – […]

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Make the most of a cloudy decade…

Apparently we’re set for a decade of wet summers, so here’s an excerpt from Michael Freeman’s Photo School: Light and Lighting that I thought couldn’t be more appropriate. As you’ll know if you’ve read any of the series before, the books are comprised by […]

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The lengthy publication of Surreal Photography

‘Publishing is a slow process’ – this is the mantra that you repeat ceaselessly when you are in the process of seeing a book through from inception to sale. Most of the time you find yourself telling it to well-meaning family and friends who […]

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