Michael Freeman’s Photo School (Composition)

Michael Freeman’s Photo School (Composition) Michael Freeman’s Photo School (Composition) Michael Freeman’s Photo School (Composition) Michael Freeman’s Photo School (Composition) Michael Freeman’s Photo School (Composition)

Michael Freeman with Daniela Bowker

The essential concept for which there is no Auto mode, quality composition is what distinguishes a snapshot from a phenomenal photograph. Learn how to develop your photographic eye not to only seek out engaging subjects, but also to approach them from the best angle, in optimal light, for maximum effect.

Going beyond the basics, Michael Freeman reveals why certain photographs succeed, demystifying the abstract aesthetics to give practical rules and real-world advice that will enhance your images and inspire your creativity. Presented in a straightforward, down-to-earth method, these compositional principles will become second nature, giving you the creative freedom to seek out new, stunning shots of your own. What’s more, you will develop reliable skills to approach a wide variety of subjects from portraits to landscapes and everything in between and to consistently present them in a strong, compelling composition.

Published: May, 2012

MICHAEL FREEMAN is an acclaimed international photographer and writer who specialises in travel, architecture and Asian art, and is particularly well known for his expertise in special effects. His photographs have been published in a huge array of books and magazines, including Time-Life Books, Reader's Digest, Condé Nast Traveller and GEO. Michael is the author of more than 20 photographic books, including the widely successful Digital SLR Handbook and The Photographer's Eye for Ilex Press.

Nothing but constructive all the way, these books aim to build you up to become a competent photographer in as much time as you choose to take. They have the feel of learning through a course, without having to fork out the money for one.
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  • 160 pages
  • H 235mm x W 210mm
  • paperback
  • full colour throughout
  • 39,000 words
  • Printed UK ISBN: 978-1-908150-30-1
  • Epub ISBN:978-1-78157-064-7 
  • MOBI ISBN: 978-1-78157-065-4 

The following rights for this title have already been sold:

South East Asia (English)
Chinese (simplified)
Portuguese (Brazil only)

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