Light & Shoot 50 Fashion Photos

Light & Shoot 50 Fashion Photos Light & Shoot 50 Fashion Photos Light & Shoot 50 Fashion Photos Light & Shoot 50 Fashion Photos

Chris Gatcum

Fashion photography has always called for the maximum creative variety, with a constant pressure for photographers to produce fresh, exciting work with complicated, considered lighting and location design. Whether you're starting out or have many years of experience, this book is an accessible and varied way to explore the genre and pick up new ideas.
Each of the 50 fashion photographs is accompanied by complete details on how it was achieved with insights from the photographer, alongside a detailed 3D lighting diagram showing where all the equipment and props were placed. Armed with all this detail, it's easy to see how photos were made, learn how to use equipment, and develop as a photographer.
There is also an introduction to camera and lighting equipment, and a complete glossary of terminology.

Published: May, 2011

Chris Gatcum has many years' experience as a photographer, journalist, book editor and author. He has previously authored Creative Digital Photography: 52 Weekend Projects, which is currently on its third UK printing and has been published in six foreign languages, and is a regular contributor to some of the UK's leading photographic magazines.

  • 144 pages
  • H 255mm x W 235mm
  • paperback
  • full colour throughout, 150 pictures
  • 33,000 words
  • Printed ISBN:978-1-907579-14-1
  • Epub ISBN:978-1-908150-43-1
  • MOBI ISBN: 978-1-907579-73-8

The following rights for this title have already been sold:

Complex Chinese
Simplified Chinese

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