Twitter Giveaways: a February street special

the-new-street-photographer-s-manifestoWe’ve made it everyone! Give up your diets, hang up your running shoes and pop the cork on your favourite Lambrini – it’s the 1st February today which means the worst is behind us!

In celebration of the ritual turning of our calendar pages onto a new and – let’s face it – still pretty rubbish month, but one which is at least thankfully short and holds the promise of spring at it’s end, we’re having an urban special and giving away three of our most streetwise books. Best not to worry too much about how the two might be linked, we don’t like to think too hard about such things. What’s important is that this weekend all weekend you’ve got a chance to get your hands on some truly smashing books.

First up for @Ilex_Photo is Tanya Nagar’s The New Street Photographer’s Manifesto which, you might recall if you keep an eye on the blog, is recently back in stock after selling out over Christmas. If you’re an aspiring Cartier-Bresson, this book gives you all you need to know – from the mindset to the equipment, with tips and techniques to try and a showcase to inspire you to – to take to the streets.

The Underground Graffiti SketchbookIf you’ve always quite liked the idea of tagging the London Underground but don’t quite fancy sneaking around after dark risking cops, electrocution, or rumbles with other graffiti artists, @Ilex_Press has just the thing for you! Now you can ‘bomb the most devastating masterpieces’ on over 50 carriages – and all from the perfect warmth (and legality) of your own home – with The Underground Graffiti Sketchbook, which features examples from veteran graffiti artist Echo and line drawings of carriages on high-grade uncoated art paper in concertina-style binding, just waiting for your mark.


As ever, our giveaways are open worldwide from some point around Friday lunchtime until 5pm (GMT) on Monday. To enter, follow our respective Twitter accounts and we’ll ask you to retweet the competition. There are two copies of each title up for grabs, and winners will be selected at random once the competition closes. We promise not to use your details for anything other than competition purposes!

Special thanks to Graffiti Creator, a free online application which I used for the featured image of this post.

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Rachel Silverlight

Assistant Editor at Ilex Photo, Rachel's made just about every mistake it's possible to make with a camera from lens caps left on to films not loaded. All in all, better at looking at photos than taking them.

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