The Collier Campbell Archive: victorious in alternative art mag

The Jackdaw, founded in 2000, takes an alternative look at visual arts and visual arts news. It describes itself as ‘pretty nasty and critical of many things, and especially of the corrupt, self-serving art establishment which stinks like a rotting carcass.’

With this in mind, you can’t complain when described as, ‘weighing too much , but… on the whole seductive, informative, provoking and enchanting’ in a recent review penned for the mag by Angus Stewart, respected board member of the International Association of Art Critics.

He is of course referring to The Collier Campbell Archive, ‘an informative volume that overflows with sumptuous colour and sparkles with visual inventions’ aka the designs of the Collier Campbell sisters.

If you still haven’t heard what all the fuss is about then a) check out the accompanying video b) try your hand at winning a copy in this month’s issue of Cloth magazine (closing date 11th march) or c) visit Amazon or your local bookshop.


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