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Dan Aykroyd gets into the Christmas Spirit in Trading Places

With two weeks to go, the Christmas season is officially upon us!

If there’s one thing we here at Ilex Photo love (besides photography, that is) – it’s films. And if there’s another thing we love, it’s playing the Kevin Bacon game with our books – no link’s too tenuous for us here at Ilex!

Incidentally, everyone’s most hated advert starring Kevin Bacon was shot here in sunny Lewes, which means we’re probably linked to everything in the world by only two degrees of separation, let’s say three at most.

So with no further ado, sometime in November, Total Film presented a list of their 50 Best Christmas Movies, and we’ve managed to link over half of them directly to our fabulously festive FilmCraft series…


Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually, produced by Tim Bevan

At no 50 Love Actually – producer Tim Bevan (Producing). Further to this, Andrew Lincoln, star of Love Actually, The Walking Dead, and Teachers was my R.E. teacher’s brother. I met him once at a football match. And I know what his real name is…

49 The Long Kiss Goodnight – costume design Michael Kaplan (Costume Design)

44 Go – written by John August (in forthcoming Screenwriting, due out 2013)

42 The Hudsucker Proxy – executive producer was Tim Bevan

40 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – Also Tim Bevan

29 Eastern Promises – cinematographer Peter Suschitzky (Cinematography)

26 The Shop Around the Corner – art direction by Cedric Gibbons (Production Design)

22 The Apartment – Billy Wilder was director and screenwriter (Screenwriting)

21 Brazil – directed by Terry Gilliam (Directing)

19 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Production design by Eve Stewart (Production Design)

16 Fanny & Alexander – director Ingmar Bergman (Directing)

15 Lethal Weapon – directed and produced by Richard Donner (who isn’t in our books but his wife Lauren Shuler Donner is in Producing…)

14 Trading Places – costume design by Deborah Nadoolman Landis author of Costume Design and also wife of film’s director, John Landis

11 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – costume designer Michael Kaplan (Costume Design)

9 Scrooged – again directed and produced by Richard Donner, husband of Lauren Shuler Donner of FilmCraft: Producing


It's A Wonderful Life - No. 1 again, but yet to have the honour of a tenuous link to the FilmCraft series

It’s a Wonderful Life is at no 1 of course and has no link to the FilmCraft series at all as yet, but who knows what 2013 will bring!

If you can do better than us and find the links between the rest of the films and our books then of course we want to hear about it! (Or if your cousin’s best friend’s girlfriend’s father made or starred in any of the films, yes, we’d love to hear about that too.) And if you can link all 50, maybe we’ll even send you some free stuff…


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