Scenes from the Collier Campbell launch event…

So last week we launched The Collier Campbell Archive in the UK. With distinguished speakers, a stunning backdrop of classic 1950s gowns, a large and passionately engaged crowd, two incredible books to talk about, and plenty of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, it was no surprise that the launch went swimmingly.

Let the captions tell the story.

Sarah Campbell talking about her work at London's Fashion & Textile Museum


In conversation with Mary Schoeser (author of TEXTILES: THE ART OF MANKIND, published by T&H) and Dennis Nothdruft (Curator of the museum)


It was a good and knowledgeable crowd


The Signing. Sarah shares dedicatory tips with Mary Schoeser


Meanwhile: Alastair Campbell (Ilex's Publisher) in conversation with Natalie Gibson




Emma Shackleton, author of THE COLLIER CAMPBELL ARCHIVE (and THE ART OF MEDICINE), with guests


The Bar


The Woman of The Hour


You Can't Make an Omelette Without Breaking Some Eggs


Huge thanks to: Dennis, Celia, Rajet and the rest of the team at the amazing FTM; Mary Schoeser, Anna, Collette and the rest from T&H; Frank, Emily and Carla of this parish; everyone else who came; Emma Shackleton; and Sarah herself.


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Roly Allen

Roly Allen is Executive Publisher at Ilex. "Executive Publisher" is a slightly less depressing way of expressing the concept of "travelling salesman" but he admits that it is a pleasure to pitch the ideas which the Ilex creative teams come up with.

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