My ship has come in.

Quite literally. Here she is:

The Margrit on her maiden voyage earlier this year

Why is she my ship, I hear you ask. Because she was carrying no fewer than four UK reprints about which I have been fretting for some months, that’s why. So if you’re one of the thousands of people currently awaiting a copy of Blogging for Creatives, or Light & Shoot 50 Fashion Photos, or Perfect Exposure, or the Flash Photography Field Guide – your long wait through weeks of out-of-stock tedium is over. They’ve been unloaded, and booked into our distributor’s warehouse, and will be out in the stores – and with you – late this week.

You can’t have too many photos of container ships, so here’s another: and (the internet is wonderful!) this is in fact an action shot of the Margrit pulling into Southampton water last week and about to drop the books off.

Somewhere on there is your book (c) Graham Farmer

The Margrit can carry up to 13,200 standard containers. Mind-boggling, ain’t it.

I hope that you enjoy your books, in any case, and thank you, as ever, for your patience.

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Roly Allen

Roly Allen is Executive Publisher at Ilex. "Executive Publisher" is a slightly less depressing way of expressing the concept of "travelling salesman" but he admits that it is a pleasure to pitch the ideas which the Ilex creative teams come up with.

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