FilmCraft: Production Design preview from Screen International

The FilmCraft series continues to inspire the next generation of film-makers with its latest instalment FilmCraft: Production Design now available. Fans will know this is the fifth book in the series, with insights into each area of film-making provided by 16 in-depth interviews with the best in their field. The Film Intel blog recently described the series as ‘Inspiration, Bottled’.

To give you an idea of the high calibre and informative detail provided in each interview, the online version of Screen International magazine – Screen Daily – has showcased an excerpt from Production Design. Author Fionnuala Halligan talks to Oscar-winning production designer Rick Carter about his work on films such as Avatar and Jurassic Park.

“I’ve never forgotten my background in fine art and painting, and expressing my deepest emotions directly—I’ve never lost sight of that in what I do. I’m always a blank canvas. I don’t know how to do it or what it even is. I have to see it and feel it in the way I would start a painting. Then I reflect that back to the directors I work with and give them a sense of what I think it is, this world in which their narrative takes place, and they help guide me,  just as I am simultaneously guiding them.”

Read the full Rick Carter interview here and for the others, including Ken Adam, Jim Bissell, William Chang, Nathan Crowley, Dante Ferretti and  Sarah Greenwood, see the book here.



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