Deborah Nadoolman Landis talks costume design on Radio 4

Those of you who don’t have to actually work of a Wednesday morning might have been lucky enough to catch Deborah Nadoolman Landis, author of FilmCraft: Costume Design on Radio 4′s Midweek programme, in which case, you can stop reading.

Those of you who do have to work need fret not, for the BBC are good enough to have the show up here:

Midweek, 21st November 2012, start listening at 25 minutes 30 seconds

Listen as she talks about discovering Dorothy’s iconic gingham dress, the art of bringing movie characters to life, rooster feathers, and the dangerously seductive shadow of the cleavage.

And of course, her Hollywood Costume exhibition is still running at the V&A in London. Don’t miss it!


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Roly Allen

Roly Allen is Executive Publisher at Ilex. "Executive Publisher" is a slightly less depressing way of expressing the concept of "travelling salesman" but he admits that it is a pleasure to pitch the ideas which the Ilex creative teams come up with.

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