Daniela Bowker talking writing and composition

One of the year’s most interesting new developments on our photo list was the launch of Michael Freeman’s Photo School. Written by a crack team of photographer-authors and stewarded by Michael himself, these innovative (we think!) books introduce photography’s key skills (Composition, Digital Editing, Exposure and Light & Lighting) in an approachable, interactive way – which photographers seem to be responding to well, if sales figures are any guide. The books are already available in Czech, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, French, Chinese (simplified), Spanish and German, which speaks for itself.

Five Seconds in East London (c) Daniela Bowker

So it is nice to hear Daniela Bowker, author of the Composition volume, getting some well-deserved recognition for her work. She’s just been interviewed by John “Nemo” Nemerovski for his Click with Nemo podcast, which covers the world of photography, one chat at a time, and she lifts the veil on the creation of the book – and how it will make you a better photographer.

You can hear their conversation here.

Listen as she discusses writing the book’s  structure, design schemes, composing amazing photos, and working with Michael Freeman… and there’s also a glance ahead at the book Daniela’s just finished writing, and which will hit the streets in March 2013…

And if you enjoy it, why not subscribe to the Click With Nemo podcast here?

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