Creative Portrait Photography: review and interview

Miss Aniela: Corolla (2011)

"Corolla" by Natalie Dybisz a.k.a. Miss Aniela

Anyone familiar with the work of Natalie Dybisz, a.k.a. Miss Aniela, will know that she is an extraordinarily talented photographer. Her work is both artistic and “technically flawless” (as Digital Photo Pro magazine rather nicely put it) and really an inspiration to any creative photographer. She was also just about the first photographer whose work I saw when I began working for Ilex Photo, so it’s extra nice to come across a really lovely review like this one by Andrew S. Gibson. He writes:

‘Natalie is a deep thinker as well as an artist, and this depth of thought is apparent in much of her work. All this is reflected in the content of Creative Portrait Photography. Illustrated throughout with Natalie’s sumptuous portraits, it gives an insight into the way her mind works and her approach to photography.

As you read through the book you will gain an insight into the thought and hard work that has gone into creating the images. You will also be inspired. Natalie has a creative imagination and her photos will spark many creative portrait ideas of your own.’

Also worth a look is his interview with Miss Aniela earlier in the year, in which she discusses the differences between a fine art photographer and a commercial photographer, the relationship between truth and originality, and finding new ways to make a living as a photographer, including the creative process involved in writing a book:

The main ‘alternate’ thing I have enjoyed is writing books. In a sense, this is not making money as a ‘photographer’ – because you are writing a book, not taking pictures – however, I realise that this outlet is one I enjoy and value so much, that it is indeed becoming its own reason to create.

A book is a precious and treasurable item and I feel my books have blurred the line between art and instruction, and I am most passionate about the things I believe to be challenging the norm. This is also because I am allowed freedom and autonomy in the books I write – I am not asked to write x number of words on steps in Photoshop for example – so I am able to fashion my own messages and sentiments in the books which I find fulfilling.

Many thanks to Andrew S. Gibson and Natalie Dybisz for permitting us to republish the interview. For the record, I really love this book!


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