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Can you keep Alan Moore (or as we know him round this parts, Alan Moore-Storyteller) out of the news? Quite hard to, these days, but, Ozymandias-style, we’ve been watching multiple screens so you don’t have to.

Art by Dave Gibbons from Watchmen


To the Guardian, Moore here opines on Frank Miller’s views of the Occupy movement.

Here he’s interviewed by Honest publishing (“publishing uncompromising raw voices”, apparently – aren’t we all?) about the state of publishing, technology and so on.

It seems that there may be controversial Watchmen prequels – the news broken by Bleeding Cool News here. Apparently the project has the codename “panic room” at DC… more comment from the Guardian, again, here.

ComicBookGRRRL got an hour of Alan’s time and came up with a pithy 1000 words for the Independent and a full version here – speaking mainly about The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and comics about, by, and for, women.

And finally, in a not-especially-insightful-but-touching interview with Fast Company (“the world’s leading progressive business media brand” – goodness!) he pays tribute to friend and fellow comic legend Harvey Pekar. In view of all of the above, it’s hard to see how Moore can be seen as “notoriously reclusive” but there you go. And there’s another, older, tribute to Pekar over at Dodgem (“Colliding ideas to see what happens”) Logic.

Of course, to see all this stuff in context, you’ll really need to join Gary Spencer Millidge on his journey through the life and work of the man himself… available wherever good books are sold.


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