The Photographer’s Eye, now on iPad

The Photographer’s Eye, by Michael Freeman, is one of Ilex Photo’s perennial bestsellers, Since it’s release it has been translated into 22 languages across the world and with it’s sales measured in the hundreds of thousands.

A page from The Photographers Eye for iPad

One of the pages from The Photographer's Eye. You can touch the hand symbols to activate interactive elements.

Now it’s available as an enhanced app for the iPad and iPad 2, featuring video of Michael introducing the book, the complete original text with all the photographs, interactive elements, and numerous exclusive voice-captions in which the author, Michael Freeman, offers additional insights into his work.

Completely re-designed to perfectly fit the screen-size of the iPad (and, we hope, similar tablet devices soon), this is no mere e-book or PDF, but a whole new reading experience—perhaps even the future of books.

For example, one of the features of Michael Freeman’s books that readers really enjoy are his hand-drawn illustrations explaining the key elements of his photographs. Using the interactivity available on the iPad, we’re able to make this appear and disappear at will, right over the image, rather than a smaller diagram by the side, making it even easier to understand than in the book.

To learn more about the iPad app, and to buy it, visit iTunes Preview or open it directly in iTunes.

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Adam Juniper

Associate Publisher at Ilex Photo, Adam is all about photography, from stills to video. He's actually written a couple of books, and spends much of his time lecturing people on how it's not the camera that makes the photo, but the photographer (this is in no way connected to the relative age of his own DSLR).

3 Comments to The Photographer’s Eye, now on iPad

  1. Peter's Gravatar Peter
    January 3, 2013 at 8:28 pm | Permalink

    I have a modern retina display iPad and more than happy to pay $25 for a high quality digital version of this book, but I understand this app still doesn’t take advantage of the beautiful high resolution screen I have. Any plans to change that? Do and you’ve got a sale.

    • Roly Allen's Gravatar Roly Allen
      January 4, 2013 at 10:14 am | Permalink

      Aha! Well, it’s interesting you should say that…

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