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The latest Dot-to-Dot book has arrived… and it’s the most artistic yet!

The latest in graphic-arts genius Thomas Pavitte’s 1000 Dot-to-Dot series really makes the most of Thomas’ uniquely artistic puzzles. With Masterpieces you’ll find yourself recreating some of the world’s greatest art works, from Van Gogh’s Sunflower’s to Klimt’s The Kiss. It’s practically an art history course in […]

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Vivienne Gucwa’s NY Through the Lens in stores now

Fans of Vivienne Gucwa’s immensely popular photo-blog, NY Through the Lens, will already have a pretty good idea what to expect from her first published collection, a beautiful hardback coffee-table book that’s finally hit the shops in the UK (with a paperback edition published […]

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30-Second Photography On Sale Now!

Why was the first human ever captured on film caught by pure luck? Where is the human blind spot, and why don’t you realize you have one? What does authenticity mean in an art where originals can be reproduced infinitely and manipulated flawlessly? If […]

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Learn how to paint like Degas with Damian Callan

All artists, whether beginner or expert, are inspired by the work of the greats that have gone before, and one of the most enjoyable ways to learn painting is to study their work in detail. Edgar Degas’ unique style and experimental approach to painting, […]

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Basic Colour Corrections for Photographers

The below extract is taken from The Photographer’s Master Guide to Colour by Jeff Wignall, out now. No matter how skilled you are at capturing colours with your camera and how strong your knowledge of the photographic process, you will almost always make some […]

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